Classes / Events


I am an art educator, teaching classes from fundamentals of art to children’s classes to Wine & Watercolor events. As I travel, I plan to schedule art events in a variety of cities as I go. If you’d like to schedule an event in your area, please feel free to contact me and let’s see what we can do!


I am also an author, comic book artist and the founder of the Women On The Dark Side brand. As I travel, I plan to schedule signings for my books, perhaps some speaking engagements and hopefully find some Women On The Dark Side in each city! If you’d like to schedule an event, please contact me.

After three of the most difficult years in her life, Susan made a wish to travel. What she didn’t know was that the journey she would take would help her not only put those years behind her, but to find a sense of home and the courage to be simple.
Mickey Lenz never saw herself as someone who needed rescuing, not even after a suicide attempt. She rebuilt her life and found comfort in structure and in the comic books she read and created. And with the prospect of something romantic on the horizon, life was becoming damn good. Until Mickey is attacked one night, and becomes convinced that a hero in a bat suit rescued her. An obsession develops as Mickey puts herself in dangerous situations, hoping her bat will come and save her. When her nightly prowlings don’t result in a rescue, her adventures take a dark and savage turn, with tragic consequences.