Photo dump from the beginning of the journey.

Here’s a bunch of stuff from the first two days at Jolon RV. Kind of scary getting there because I had to go over the Grapevine, which is scary without being a novice trailer-tower. And,yikes, the wind through the Central Valley unnerved me greatly. But we arrived with very little damage, other than the inner cabinets burst open and vomited everything all over the place. I did figure out a solution eventually. I parked near the duck pond and the ducks were ridiculously friendly. However, when I left, I got stuck on the driveway because they had just lain new gravel down and it was very loose, not giving me any traction. But the owner had someone come and tow me out so it was fine. But I was close to tears while waiting. But I went back to “Courage To Be Simple” and realized that losing my shit would not get me out of the situation I was in. So I gave myself permission to lose my shit for a few minutes but then to get my shit together. And I did. And we made it to the next location. More to come.        

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